By Restaurant People.
For Restaurant People.

We exist to help support employees of the food service industry within our community who may be experiencing financial crisis due to illness, accident or natural disaster.

850+ Grant Checks Issued

$300K+ total Emergency Assistance

118+ Restaurants Supported

Since 2018

We have issued more than 850 checks, totaling $300,000+ in emergency assistance to individuals representing more than 118 different restaurants throughout our Golden Isles community.

During the COVID pandemic, we rallied more than $200,000 in emergency grant assistance to help sustain restaurant workers who were temporarily unable to provide basic financial support to their loved ones and dependents.

Restaurants are vital to community.
Every travel destination relies on its restaurants to help create its uniqueness and attractiveness ... This is a wonderful industry with very tight profit margins, and an industry made of small private entrepreneurships without large cash reserves. They are often hanging on by a thread.

Harvest America Ventures
"Working in a restaurant means being part of a family . . . nothing is accomplished independently."

Joe Bastianich
of consumers consider restaurants essential to their lifestyle
You Are Not Alone

We are one family

"Upon arriving at work today, my boss said he had a check for me. I said for what? He told me that it was from the Firebox Initiative. I was so thankful and so happy. You are very special people to send assistance checks to those in need. Thank you to all of you at the Firebox Initiative for helping me and others during this very difficult time. I appreciate you all very much."

Mark Wagner

Demere Grill

We Are One Industry

"I have seen Firebox directly affect people in our community in such a positive way. Firebox and the team at Southern Soul have created something that will only grow in measures and I believe other communities where the driving force is hospitality will hopefully adopt what Harrison, Kitty and Griffin have created. It’s something that my wife and I love being a part of. It’s such a pleasure to work alongside her, Brad Hummel, Tommy Sellers and so many of the purveyors that donate their time to this great foundation. I pray that it will continue to grow and keep our restaurant community together. Thanks! "

Josh Williams

Owner, Crabdaddy's and Fiddlers (SSI)

We are one Community

I’m proud to be a FOUNDERS CIRCLE MEMBER, and to continue to support The Firebox Initiative.

Firebox supports the food service workers that make our community a great place to live and visit. It’s important to aid those that serve our island so well, and to work collectively to help sustain the lifeblood of our tourist dependent Golden Isles community.

Davis Love III

Professional Golfer and Ryder Cup Captain


BBQ on the Bluff



Sep 30, 2023




Sep 30, 2023

Gascoigne Bluff, St Simons Island

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Tuition Expenses

If you are a food service worker within our community and you have dependent children currently pursuing a college or technical education, we may be able to help with tuition expenses.

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