Let’s Do More Good Together

It takes a community to do this work, but that same work also supports the community we all share and love.

Born from a deep sense of gratitude

Harrison Sapp (left) and Griffin Bufkin (right), owners of Southern Soul BBQ on St, Simons Island, GA, know what it means to navigate devastating and unexpected financial crisis. Having dedicated their lives to the establishment and early success of their own restaurant, they might have lost everything when the building burned to the ground on March 27, 2010. They were shocked, and neither knew how they might survive. However, they soon learned the value of friendship within the community.  In the weeks that followed the tragedy, they experienced an outpouring of support (from neighbors, friends and fellow restaurant owners) beyond anything they could have imagined. They were profoundly impacted by the feelings of relief and gratitude they experienced, and they vowed to “pay it forward.”  

For several years, both owners honored that commitment through personal acts of charity.  Recognizing the needs were bigger than they could handle alone, and with a dream to DO MORE GOOD, Sapp & Bufkin officially launched the Firebox Initiative in 2018.  

We are here to
Do More Good

WE STARTED BY helping those we knew who needed a hand —The need had always been there, we just kept Helping and firebox grew

Our Purpose

We exist to help employees of the food service industry experiencing financial crisis due to illness, accident or natural disaster.

We also seek to provide educational scholarship opportunities to support children and dependents of those servicing the food service industry within our shared "Golden Isles" community.

Our Mision

No person dedicated to feeding others, and to providing excellent dining standards within our community shall, him/herself, go hungry. Our mission is to support 100% of the crisis based needs within the food service industry throughout our community.

Paying it forward

After the fire, Bufkin & Sapp experienced an outpouring of support beyond anything they could have imagined, and vowed to "pay it forward" through a mission to help others in need.  Since that time, numerous recipients of Firebox grants have adopted a similar mindset.  TOGETHER, we are constantly expanding the footprint and the IMPACT of this mission!

Our Promise

We are committed to the  prudent stewardship and governance of the funds entrusted to us.  We are dedicated to ensuring our efforts and actions are constantly reflective of our mission, and in honor of those we are privileged to serve and support.

Our work is grounded in our guiding principles


Life Happens


Community Response



You are not alone!

Emergency Financial assistance

If you are a local food service worker in need of emergency financial assistance, please ask us for help!

Ask for Assistance

Tuition Expenses

If you are a food service worker within our community and you have dependent children currently pursuing a college or technical education, we may be able to help with tuition expenses.

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